The Dream Still Continues

It is January 2015 and Martin Luther King, jr.’s famous « I Have A Dream speech still continues to be unfulfilled.
Racism against black Americans in America continues on like an ugly disease. Many have experienced racism in every state of the United States of America.
Well, everyone in the whole wide world, all I can do is « keep hope alive », continue to pray that there will be peace on earth some day, share the link where you can see the film footage of the late great Martin Luther King, jr. recite his « I Have A Dream » speech, and share with you an experience of mine regarding racism.
You can watch Martin Luther King, jr.’s full « I Have A Dream » speech at

One of my racism/inhumane experiences happened at a Wal-Mart Market located at 21st and South Garnett after the year 2009 and 11/2013, just before Thanksgiving.
The staff member(s) involved are still employed at this location. Hiring more blacks and a few Asians does not solve this problem, either. Why? The same employees responsible are still there!
When I returned in December 2014 to the same store after finally getting the nerve to report this to the Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, I was very disappointed. Then, I got pissed off seeing that these same employees remained! I originally wrote Wal-Mart a letter.
However, I decided to call and talk with the customer service complaint department in November 2014. I told them my ordeal, including part of what I wrote in my letter and how many pages. This is what happened at the Wal-Mart Market located at 21st and South Garnett, Tulsa, OK after 2008/2009 and on the weekend before Thanksgiving 2013:

ATTN: Customer Service Director
Wal-Mart Home Office
702 S.W. 8th Street
Bentonville, Arkansas 72716

To Whom It May Concern:

Hello. How are you doing today? I have sent you this letter because I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am not only a loyal Wal-Mart shopper, I am now a traumatized Wal-Mart shopper.
The event that took place the weekend before Thanksgiving 2013 still has had a terrible effect on me. I have shopped at the Wal-Mart Market store located on 21st Street since I moved to Tulsa after September 24th, 2008. The physical address of this incident that took place is:

4720 E. 21st Street, Tulsa, OK 7114(?) This was not the only incident that took place at this very same store. However, what happened the weekend before Thanksgiving 2013 (Fri. Nov.22nd or Sat. Nov.23rd{around this date}) is what took the cake (I am pretty sure that it was Friday Nov.22nd). I moved to Tulsa, OK September 24th, 2008 because it was necessary.
However, Tulsa is a really cute town and is a place where I had tons of great memories. It is also the place where I was given the opportunity to become a fashion model, start an acting career, and I received most of my sponsors there when I competed in the Ms. Black Oklahoma Metroplex pageant back in 1997.
I am tired of the racism that I have experienced at your supermarket. I experienced it after 2008 clear up until November 2013. Some of your employees who work on the night shift are still there.
I have not been back to your store since that awful weekend in November 2014, because I have been in —-, making sure that my daughter has what she needs.
I will be returning to this very same Wal-Mart Market within the week. Now, I must tell you what I have experienced. After the year 2008, there was an elderly Caucasian female (who still currently works in your store) who worked on the night shift.
I would come into the store to shop. She used to refuse me entrance into the store until she had me open my bag, so that she could see what was inside of it. She is a Caucasian senior citizen with white hair. She also has poor posture. Her hair is short. Yes, she works there.
The bad thing about this is the fact that she is not the only older worker there on the night shift. Because of this, my description may describe more than one older individual.
Except for the posture part. This lady finally stopped doing this to me. Workers continued to follow me around the store. Now, about the incident that happened Fri. Nov.22nd or Sat. Nov.23rd, 2013:

I entered the store before 10:30 P.M. I remember this because it was cold outside. I went ahead and went in because I didn’t want to be there shopping on a Sunday, because there is no bus service on Sundays.
I made it inside of the store and put a few items in my grocery cart. After that I decided to browse the magazine aisle. I had been in the store less than 45 minutes.
Within moments I was going to put the magazine that I was browsing through down. However, I did not get the chance to put my magazine down. A Caucasian male between the ages of 22-30 approached me and told me to leave the store. A police officer was already called and waiting for me in another aisle.
I was frightened, confused, shocked, disappointed, and more. I had to tell the same young white male that I still had merchandise in my basket.
He had brownish hair and was under 6’2″. He had a thin frame. It was totally astounding concerning what I experienced. I hurtfully purchased my items and left the store as the police officer stood at another cash register looking on. I could not give a damn that America has an African president.
Racism here still exists! I do wish that the racism would stop, especially in Oklahoma. Your racist night shift employees need to be let go.
Especially those older Caucasian farts that you have. Hell, one of my Tracfones got stolen there and one of your managers on the day shift refused my request to roll the tape back to find out who took my cellphone!
That is how terrible your employees are at this location! I had to tell you. Just giving you a heads up. I still love Wal-Mart. And, I hope that I always will.
I used to be sponsored as a CCF child. If it were not for Wal-Mart allowing our vouchers to be used to purchase clothing, bras, panties, etc., I don’t know how kids like me would have ever made it.
When I got older I ended up working for CCF in Tahlequah, OK, for the American CCF office for American children. I love you, Wal-Mart.


K.S.-A loyal Wal-Mart shopper

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