Recipe of the Day

Today’s Recipe of the day is: Vampire Hearts


Why did I call it that? I called it this because it looks bloody, smells like animal organs (raw livers) to me, makes a terrific Halloween drink, and tastes really different.

Here is what you need for the ingredients:


1 can of beets

1/2 can of cranberry sauce

1 tsp. of blue raspberry lemonade Kool Aid


Crushed ice




Put all ingredients into your blender cup. Put water in the blender cup until the cup is almost full.

However, make sure that you are able to put some crushed ice in there.

Put your blender top on the cup so that the contents will not splash everywhere. Blend contents very well.

Enjoy this funky concoction. It was part of my meal last night. Tell me how you like it. I will post a picture of the end product later. If you are a romantic couple trying this out, here is a little known fact:

Beets and cranberries have a wealth of health benefits. Beets were used as a natural aphrodisiac by the ancient Romans, is great for the blood, liver, and more. Cranberries are great for the kidneys and more.

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