Just Thinkin

You know what? I was just thinking about something. I was kind of watching Saturday Night Live’s 40year anniversary special the other night. There was a skit involving this country singer and some other people. They were requesting the magician to make them rich and to have the ability to give themselves head. This got me to thinking:

Do you think that magicians have some responsibility in this world? Or at least need to own up to some type of responsibility? Just think about it. A bum needs a house and a magician passes by him. Shouldn’t that magician make some type of house appear and say like, « Hey, dude! Here’s a nice house with everything you need. But the magic will last for only 60 days. »

Oh, that is not possible. My bad. What about this scenario: Every hungry and starving person in the world gets a supply of 10,000 McDonald’s quarter pounders courtesy of David Copperfield’s magic. Don’t forget: I want 10 Nestle crunch ice cream bars, damnit!

And, make me rich!20140326_000011

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