Double Dutch Bust

I was in a serious conversation with someone who I am kind of close to. I am teaming up with her to help change her life for the best. It is going to take some time though. One aspect of her life that I volunteered to team up with her deals with dating as well.

A profile of hers was going to be set up this week so that she could get a feel of what a positive dating experience is supposed to be like. Not only that, this was also going to be done to help this young lady get over this nasty freak that she referred to as a boyfriend. How would you like to be the one who constantly gets called a nigger, eats someone’s ass out who has knots in their ass, gets money taken from you so that your piece of shit boyfriend can gamble it away, your ex boyfriend is nuts, old, refuses to fuck you nor eat you out because he said that you are too fat, his dick does not function normally, and more?

Need I say more? This chick needs a lot of help and the dilemma is not going to be taken care of overnight. Now, back to the dating part. This chick told me that she does not want to go out on a blind date by herself. So, I agreed to go on double blind dates with her, until she gets used to dating.

I am not for sure if there are any dating websites out there where people can set up double blind dates. So, I decided that I will set up a profile with both of our information, along with very recent photos of us.

Later this year I will tell you all about our experience.20150213_223937

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