Thought of the Day

I think that schools should have drive-in screens so that family members can watch plays, shows, etc., outside while waiting to see their family member perform, etc. Once your loved one gets ready to get on the stage, you and other family members can then enter the building to watch your kinfolk’s performance and then leave with them when it is over(if allowed).

If you cannot leave with your loved one when the performance is over, then you can return to the screens outside where you can doze, play with your laptop, etc.

I think that it is frustrating and tiresome waiting for your loved one to perform, graduate, etc. And, while waiting, you may never have a single inkling until at the last moment that their time to shine is at the end of the fucking night or the fact that the instructor decided at the last minute, or whatever to leave your loved one out of the program period.

That is what happened yesterday evening. My sister told me that one of my favorite nieces was going to be in a school play dealing with black history. This play was rescheduled like twice, because there was like snow last month.

O.K. So, we went to this play. It seemed like I waited for an eternity in this cafeteria with a tiny little stage. It was more entertaining watching toddlers holler and move around. Anyway, I ended up being pissed off once I found out that one of my favorite nieces was not going to perform at all.

Damn! The worst part about this was the fact that I had to sit through the entire program to find this shit out! Ooooooooh!20140326_000011

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