The Insecure Writer’s Group: April 2015

It is national poetry month. So, I am putting out some works of poetry of mine on video. I will be doing this from now throughout the month of May. Also, I decided to finally make some professional connections on LinkedIn. However, I am disappointed with Linkedin. This site is getting kind of like Faceback concerning connecting with others.

Linkedin now has it to where you can get into trouble if you request to be someone’s connection if you do not know them. I am like, what the fuck? How in the fuck can you fucking successfully connect with someone if you do not make a connection request?

On top of that, Linkedin has a thing in your dashboard where it says something like « suggestions ». For sure, it does say « someone you may know. » Then, there is the blue button that says « connect. »

I joined Linkedin before it recently became a powerful platform. In the beginning, I waited for connections. I have been on this professional network enough years to observe and see some things. Some of these things I did not like.

As a result, I decided recently to go ahead and seek out connections. One connection in particular that I made was with a very nice lady. I had no inkling that she is a celebrity on a television network. I just know that through the encouragement that was made on my Linkedin dashboard, I decided that it was time for me to grow my little network.

Nowadays, it seems like there are a lot of unknown celebrities out there. I guess a lot of these new ones are considered « overnight successes », or viral celebrities (YouTube sensations like Justin Bieber). Or, whatever. Hell, I have seen pictures of people on the red carpet and I’m like: Who in the fuck is that? I’m serious!

It is too much of that shit going on. I remember a time when a celebrity was so famous that, they remain a household name: Forever. Examples include: The Jackson family, Martha Stewart, Bill Cosby, Raquel Welch, Quincy Jones, Clint Eastwood, Oprah Winfrey, Linda Evans, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, George Michael, Boy George, Barry White, Captain &Tenille, Frank Sinatra, Herb Alpert, The Bee Gees, and El Vira. Now, eventhough there are celebrities on Linkedin, there are not a lot of them.

The ratio of celebrities to unknown Linkedin professionals is like 10,000,000(Linkedin):1-50(celebrity(ies)that are household names). Here are a few celebrities who are on Linkedin: Maria Shriver and Bill Gates. These are household names! However, from my recent attempts at connecting with others, I kind of think that there are a lot of folks who really think that they are huge!

I mean, like they are top notch or something! And, I have no inkling who in the fuck they are, either. Further, I think that it was cool to have chosen some people due to the names of companies these individuals work for, like HBO. Yeah, I said it! HBO kicks ass, damnit! HBO is cool as hell.

Anyway, I am attempting to make my connections and shit. But, this time I am attempting to connect with individuals who are in the fields that I am in, have experience in, and am interested in(for a long time). As far as Facebook goes, I had to make some changes recently.

I was getting really perturbed because people started accepting my friend requests almost one, two, and + years after I made those requests! Most of my requests were made to people who live in Europe(supposed to be living in Europe, anyway).

It was really disturbing that these requests were accepted after such a long time. So much time passed that I eventually fucking forgot! One guy who recently accepted my request I had to go ahead and drop.

He was one of the individuals who accepted my request waaaaaaaaaaay too late. Not only that, his appearance even changed drastically since my friend request. This dude used to be a clean cut guy with a smooth face, and is supposed to be in Ireland. By the time he accepted my request, He had tattoos everywhere, had a gothic/devil worshipper look, and declared himself as an atheist. I just don’t like that.

And, none of my other Irish friends had any tattoos. That tattoo shit for a supposedly Irish person to have…..I associate that with the bald headed American terrorist group called the Skin Heads. Irish people have a very rich culture and history.

And, they do not have to go through such twisted lengths. Those are my thoughts about this. Scots don’t have to nor need to do this kind of shit, either! Another guy is a psychologist. I got sick of that shit. So, I dropped him, too.

He was another person who accepted my request waaaaaaaaay too late. Plus, I have enough psychologist friends who are on Facebook.

As a result, I went back and deleted all of my old pending friendship requests.20140311_212527

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