Insecure Writer’s Group: September 2015

Before I start off talking about my life, I may as well broadcast some world news here: I could give a rat’s fucking ass about politics. But, I do like Donald Trump. I wish him well. However, if

he ends up endorsing someone, I won’t give a single fuck about who he endorses. Why? Because I only care about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Those two are always in my book of favorites and great greats. Those two are champions for life. Those are the best contenders. This is history in the making, and the only reason to pay attention to shitty politics in the first place. If ever in my life if I had a choice to eat a breakfast for champions of my choice and sit down with two champions in the political arena, it would be these two. Anywho, back to me: I really have been terribly busy and horribly behind in everything that deals with writing. Hell, I’m even behind going into the recording studio to pitch some new music as well. Well, just one thing at a time, I guess. There are tons more bits of information to reveal to you guys. However, the plans that are in the works have to happen, first. Good luck to all of my fellow writers, especially to those who are in MY SAME EXACT OR SOMEWHAT SAME SITUATION. I FEEL YOU IF YOU FEEL ME. GET IT? if we could all support one another in a major way, don’t you wonder how far we could actually go and actually complete everything that we have planned?

Hmmmm…..that really is something to think about.20150620_17415420150620_21433920150213_223937

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