What’s In! : 52nd Annual Anniversary of the Delta Sigma Theta Chapter!

My little sister and I met up(again)with Reverend Doctor Doris Graham and her best friend, in Houston, Texas on the weekend of July 24th ,2015. Reverend Doctor Doris Graham is a Delta Sigma Theta sorority sister. It is the 52nd annual celebration of the Delta Sigma Theta chapter. Although my sister, daughter, and I did not get the chance to stay the entire time of this celebration, we did enjoy what little time we did have there. There were a lot of festivities to take place. The biggest one was a concert that following Monday with the « mighty Ojays »! Damn! I couldn’t go! However, I did enjoy my stay at the Quality Inn Hotel suite room that we had, though. It was nice.

And, my daughter enjoyed her stay as well, eventhough the day went by just waaaay too fast. Happy anniversary to all of the Delta Sigma Thetas of the entire world!

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