A Halloween Tale: The Lochness Monster Theory

Millions of people across the world have heard of « the Lochness Monster ». There have been many tales/stories told about the various sightings of this almost seemingly mythological creature throughout a number of centuries. Yet, only a « select few » have been privy to have an « encounter » with the creature, and live to tell the tale. And, a « very select few » have had the privilege to be able to snap photos of it. There are « believers » of the existence of The Lochness Monster. However, I believe that there are more « non-believers » than « believers ». Also, there are a lot of theories concerning the Lochness Monster.

These theories include: the myths, mysteries, how « it » lives, « its » whereabouts, how old it is, its diet, etc.

Here is one of the theories that exist out there in this never-ending universe:

The Lochness Monster does not always dwell in the River of Lochness. It travels the world whenever it wants to, leaving the under water sea caves in preference of  travelling to certain rivers and seas. « They » train one another concerning what waters to travel in and to at an early age. When « they » are young they can dwell in rivers that are less deep, until they reach their full age. It is only then that they dwell in the deepest of waters that are so many fathoms deep that, if humans travel that far down their heads will explode.

And, if humans do eventually go down that far, they will end up with Alzheimer’s or a similar type of senility. Not only do Lochness Monsters travel by water, they also walk on land. Furthermore, these creatures have a striking ability to go unnoticed and are easily mistaken as being giant « sea turtles » and/or « giant snakes » because of their various « shades of nature », meaning that (i.e.)they are easily able to blend in with rocks and bits of tree bark that are sometimes left floating in various bodies of water. 

However, do not be fooled! There is a huge difference between seeing The Lochness Monster and seeing a giant turtle, or a giant snake. As this one theory goes, The Lochness Monster can keep its head above water for more than an hour! It knows when you are staring at it, too. If and when it wants to, it actually stares back! When The Lochness Monster pops up, it is usually at « the damndest of times ». Hopefully, if you finally see it, you do not have any vision problems and forget to put your lenses on at this given time.

The Lochness Monster is a dinosaur that has been around for a long time. And, they have been spotted as early as the 15th century! Lochness Monsters are meat eaters. And, it is more than one of these dinosaurs that are in existence today! So, shark meat may be on their dinner menu. Shark fish sticks, anyone? To continue, they are highly intelligent and have been known to be in the same waters as children and lovers of nature AT THE SAME TIME!

When this is done, this is when people are thinking that The Lochness Monsters are nothing but giant sea turtles or a giant snake because humans only see their gargantuous heads, and because these same types of humans give these creatures their own space in the water, like that « Free Willy » shit. If the Lochness Monster wants to be near you(somewhat)up close, it will go back under water and pop back up somewhat near where you are standing. These are usually shy, yet cautious dinosaurs.

If you are « a scary little boogar bear », it will know. Hopefully, the scenario will not turn into a ‘Ghost and Mr. Chicken’-like scenario. Just don’t fall in the same spot of water where you just saw its head(if you can help it). And, if you live to tell the tale because it decided to give you time to get back onto the docks, scream, and get your wits back, again, try to be more careful in the near future. Just thank God that you made it back to shore, that you continue to live, God blessed you and the creature liked you, and let you live.

Just seeing this creature can leave you paralyzed with fear, causing you to remain glued to the spot where you are standing, furthermore, causing you to have a « staring contest » of  sorts

This is a photo that I puchased that is now mine. It comes from the movie set of the movie 'Child's Play'.
This is a photo that I puchased that is now mine. It comes from the movie set of the movie ‘Child’s Play’.

with this creature. It has a « giant snake head ». The head is very big and wide. And, these creatures have their own « time clocks » when they decide to roam and travel through different waters. Do not second guess these creatures. It is really not known whether they eat humans or not.

Although, there have been stories. Over a span of centuries there have been stories about « entire ships » that have disappeared. And, it is not clear about which « sea monster » was responsible, whether it was one of The Lochness Monsters, a giant octopus, or whatever. But, mysterious disappearances of ships have happened. Sightings of the Lochness Monster(s) have been seen in the Lochness River of Scotland to as far as The United States of America in the east coast, to the waters of Azle, TX!

Believe it or not, like Ripley’s. There you have it, folks! That is one of the Lochness Monster Theories. And, I hope that you have enjoyed this tale. Or, is it? You decide for yourself! And, Happy Halloween!

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