Last Night’s Premiere: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Last night I went to the premiere of Pride and Prejudice, and Zombies. You can find out more about this movie at:

Category: Action, Horror, Romance

« Jane Austen’s classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England is faced with a new challenge: an army of undead zombies. »


Lily James-  Elizabeth Bennet

Lena Headey-  Lady Catherine

Matt Smith-  Mr.Collins

Douglas Booth-  Mr. Bingley

Jack Huston-  Mr. Wickham

Charles Dance-  Mr. Bennet

Sam Riley-  Mr. Darcy

Bella Heathcote-  Jane Bennet

Suki Waterhouse-  Kitty Bennet

Ellie Bamber-  Lydia Bennet

Sally Phillips-  Mrs. Bennet

Director: Burr Steers

Writers: Burr Steers(screenplay)

Jane Austen: Quirck Books novel(born December 16th, 1775 and died July 18th, 1817)

Seth Grahame-Smith: Quirck Books novel(born January 4th, 1976, USA as Seth Jared Greenberg)


I gave this film an A-

Because I missed the first eight to fifteen minutes of the movie(my middle sister was quite nonchalant about attending this movie and decided to take the scenic route by going through traffic lights instead of going on the highway), I didn’t know what direction the movie was going.

As a result, I could not get into the film, until….the scene where the Bennet sisters were in their « season » (Elizabeth was almost considered near « spinster » status)and presented in a series of balls to « prospective husbands ».

I was curious to know what Bennet sister was going to be matched up with whom. Next, ball number one happened. This is where the main male cast members make their inroductions. Mrs. Bennet(mother of the Bennet sisters) seems like she is hellbent throughout the movie to match each daughter up with a man, because Mr. Bennet has no money! (centuries ago, a woman’s dowry {worth}was quite important for a desirable pairing in marriage, which usually spoke volumes for the pockets as well as in circles of gentry/royal society).

There is much talk and speculation between Mrs. Bennett and others regarding Charles Bingley and his wealth. However, his friend Darcy is sexy as hell. Darcy is smitten with the blonde Bennet girl.

Meanwhile, Charles Bingley ponders over being matched up with Elizabeth Bennet. The mystery finally unfolded about the first sighting of zombies after the ball. A female zombie seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Like a family of « The Sisters Grimm », the Bennet sisters were very interesting and unusual ladies.

In a way, these siblings fought each other like men, too! Although their mother Mrs. Bennet seems to be sweet natured, she also seems like she is money hungry.

Maybe, even a little greedy concerning pairing her daughters off to wealthy men. As the movie moved forward, I began to get a little confused because it seemed like sexy ass Darcy began to get interested in another Bennet sister.

Then, a question began to form in my mind: How many sisters will all of these guys like? And, which sister will they end up with? Next, the most highly favored Bennet sister(by Darcy and Mrs. Bennet)went into the woods. Was she attacked by a zombie?

I do not know, because a gun went off and everything went black, until the next day. This sister ended up sick and questions began to arise whether she was infected by a zombie. Another question arose as to whether another ball should be held.

Meanwhile, one pussy of a man came calling to dinner, named Mr. Collins. Mr. Collins was not only a cousin to the Bennet sisters, he came calling for a wife(ewwww!)! This douche bag of a man was not only a pompous ass, he was spoiled, a coward, and far from being a gentleman.

Well, the family leaves town and a kind of sexy guy named Mr. Wickham steps into the scene. Apparently, Wickham and Darcy are foes. Also, Wickham is kind of intriguing. He likes Elizabeth, the supposed « handsome » sister. The only thing that I did not like about this movie was the fact that the costumes of the female characters were not authentic enough for the time period.

Furthermore, there was not a variety of styles of dresses worn by the females in this film. Other than that, the film was great. Fastforward to another scene:

The « handsome » and very brave Lizzy(Elizabeth Bennet)wanders into the woods alone into the woods(on horseback)against her father’s wishes. Damn. After that, it seems like there is an undercurrent of darkness within Wickham, perhaps.

And, it also seems like Elizabeth is desired by both Wickham and Darcy. I knew it! Wickham is more than dark! Anyway, Charlotte(another Bennet sister)accepts cousin Charles’s marriage proposal.

You know, this movie is a nice love story amongst all of the violence in this film. In fact, it is really quite beautiful…..right down to the thunderous crescendo of an ending! Upon completion of the movie, a number of us who attended the premiere filled out a survey about this film.

My grandmother started to fill out her survey. However, she changed her mind and decided not to. All in all, I rated this movie a 10, with 10 being the highest score. Would I recommend this film to all of you, including my friends? Hell yes!

This film exceeded my expectations! It was less gory compared to other zombie horror movies and I came to this premiere thinking that it was going to be another shitty zombie movie, because I typically hate zombie movies. Some of my crew wanted to go somewhere and attending this movie was it.

Furthermore, I ennoyed this movie. It was wonderful! It was so good that I will be back to see it, again in theaters February 5th, 2016!

This is a photo that I puchased that is now mine. It comes from the movie set of the movie ‘Child’s Play’.

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