Recipe of the Day Invention

Today’s recipe of the day invention is: Eggroll Pot Pie.

I thought of this while eating one of my favorite Marie Calendar pot pies. You can make a big or small one by using a big or small pie pan. You will need cabbage, cooking oil of choice, butter, or margarine,onions, bell pepper, soy sauce, meat of choice, spices as desired, a cheese shredder, a pot to cook these in, and some cooking common sense.

You can take some shortcuts regarding this recipe. If you do not know how to make your own wontons, you can use wonton wrappers from the store, you can make your own pastry crust, or you can buy your own pie crust at the store.

Rinse all of your vegetables. Peel your carrots. Cut your cabbage and shred your cabbage with a cgeese shredder. Chop your onions and bell pepper.

You can use garlic. I use it. Put all of your vegetables together in a skillet, pot, or wok with oil, butter, margarine of choice, minus the cabbage. After sauteeing your vegetables according to your satisfaction, throw in your shredded cabbage and meat of choice(if desired). Use seasoning as desired and some soy sauce.

Do not cook your food all the way. Cook it half done. Get your pie shell ready and stuff that pie shell/wonton shell to the hilt! Now put a top layer over your container with filling.

Put it in the oven and turn the oven on 350°. Bake your pie until the pie crust is well done. Don’t burn it up! Now enjoy! When I finally make this I will have my picture of the finished product to share with you guys.

This is a picture of a Marie Calendar pot pie. This is shown to illustrate my thought. When I finally sit down to make this, I will then insert my lovely photo for all to see.

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