Time to « shake up » the movie scene!

This is to all known, unknown movie reviwers, and movie lovers of the world!:  How many times have you guys clicked on your computer to find movie screenings without entering a funky contest and found that all of the movie premiere passes have been grabbed up by greedy individuals?

Well, I am one of those people! I also came up with a solution! My solution is to put more indie, independent, small screen, and 1980’s movie favorites in more movie theaters!

I am talking about putting out an average of three hundred new and old films out every month nationwide! This will knock out allof the bullshit from greedy and selfish mother fuckers who take always grab all of the fucking tickets!

That way, if some of us want to attend movie screenings seven days a week and maybe twice a day, that would be possible without worrying about running out of tickets.

Well? What do you think about that?

A very short, short story?

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