Music Review: New Music: Princess Janet Damitajo Jackson al Mana

This is a photo that I purchased.
This is a photo that I purchased.

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Ladies and gentlemen!: This young lady is a sibling who had a very humble beginning, came from music royalty, became music royalty herself, has an array of hits, has worked with various producers, music artists, and other talented individuals in the industry, is also a musician, actress, philanthropist, humanitarian, wife, sister, auntie, is well outspoken, everything « with a cherry on top », and is actual royalty herself! Finally! The « Queen of Pop » music returns with a brand new, highly anticipated, highly recommended, funky smooth single!

Yes! Ladies and gentlemen! Not only does she reign on the throne, she totally kicks ass and conquers in the music world! She is none other than Princess Janet Jackson al Mana! Just days after hearing that Princess Janet was due to release her latest music earlier this year, I decided to listen to some music, period, and watch videos of some of my other favorite artists of mine on Youtube, after I listened to my favorite Janet Jackson song of all time(« Funny {How Time Flies When You’re Having Fun} »).

After a while of browsing and enjoying Youtube, I saw that there was a clip about Princess Janet from The Wendy Williams Show(some time ago). It was about the announcement of Janet’s new music, her « comeback », and views about it.

I rarely watch The Wendy Williams Show(if ever), but I took the time to watch this brief clip. And, I did not like what Wendy said. I tried to find the link to what clip on Youtube that I watched to share with you guys a few minutes ago, but I could not find it. It is a shitload of stuff to siphon through. Shit!

Anyway, When I heard Wendy’s opinion, I was like, what? The nerve! How in the hell could Wendy say such bullshit? And, why? This is « My name ain’t baby! It’s Miss Jackson if you’re nasty. »

That Janet! And, the next thing I was thinking was(and I still think this way): there should be no doubt concerning Princess Janet’s return! She has a « diehard fan base(which includes me) » and then some. And, with all of the shitty music artists and music that has been released and played over the airwaves today, the only expectation that I have concerning Princess Janet is that she gets waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more airplay on the music airwaves/radio, because of her quality music. It was months ago when my mother and I were in the car listening to the radio. I think the radio personality at the time was Rudy V.

So, mom and I continued riding around waiting for the stupid ass commercials to stop playing, so that we could hear Janet’s new song. Finally! The moment came when the new song was announced! Her new song titled « No Sleep » exceeded both me and my mother’s expectations! « No Sleep » is soft, smooth, funky, hip, and sultry like « That’s the Way Love Goes ».

And, it has an interesting « Michael Jackson-like » magic to it. To continue, weeks later, I decided to listen to « No Sleep » on Youtube. To my surprise, it was a real treat to see that there was a video to accompany this wonderful song! I absolutely loved and love the video! However, I guess the rapper with the nappy headed Bart Simpson hairdo(J. Cole)added contrast to the video.

But, I loved it all the same. Now, it is time for me to purchase the CD! All in all, Princess Mrs. Janet Damitajo Jackson al Mana has gone where no other royal member in any country has gone before: STRAIGHT TO #1 ON THE MUSIC CHARTS, RECEIVED(s) LOVE, ADMIRATION, AND RESPECT BY MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN ALL OVER THE WORLD BY HER TALENT, HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS, AND A WHOLE LOT MORE!

Last but not least, she is the only person of royalty other than the « late great King of Pop himself(deceased brother Michael Jackson{may he rest in peace and justice prevail}) », who can dance her ass off and provide enough talent, funk, and soul to cause and keep millions across the world(including myself)dancing, too! So, rock on, Princess Janet!

Princess Mrs. Janet Damitajo Jackson al Mana, is a rocking force to be reckoned with in this neverending and everlasting universe. « May the force be with her(ha-ha! I love this Star Wars quote!)!

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