Black Friday Thought of the Day

20140326_000011Hello, stores! Have I got an idea for you! Restaurants, malls, and shopping centers: Listen up! The holidays are approaching and ARE REALLY UPON US!

Every « Black Friday » businesses seem to be only interested in selling electronics! And….selling stupid ass vehicles that only between 36-41% of American citizens are able to afford! So, what is the smart thing to do for YOU BUSINESS OWNERS? « Get in on the band wagon » have products on sale for « Black Friday », such as:

Bus tickets(like Greyhound), train tickets, airplane tickets, movie tickets, clothes, panties, underwear, food, restaurant food, shoes, socks, luggage, phone minutes, show tickets, layaways, and Christmas stuff!

Why? Just about everyone needs this! Why? This day forward more than 40% of Americans will be traveling! And, these items plus toholiday-0011120151119_0914541iletries are things that people need, and are going to need.

So, wake up businesses! And, think smart!

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