Happy New Year!

kinggalaxius-11Happy new year, everyone! Get your party on, but do it right by playing it safe, assign the right designated driver, take a cab if there is no designated driver, and all of that good stuff.

What is on your new year’s day menu? Let me know. I have tons of things to do. As a result, I will not be having New Year’s Day. I will be having « New Year’s Week ».

Right now I am having a  » banana brew ». It is an old school hot toddy with banana liquor The banana liquor contains rum and cream.

I am kind of selfish because I really do not want to share the recipe. However, I will tell you another ingredient that is in it: nutmeg.

Throughout my new year’s week, my menu looks like this:


Blackeyed peas with ham hocks on top of garlic buttered rice


Corn cakes

Sweet potato pie

Brussels sprouts

Maybe some greens

Shark bites

Egg nogg


That’s for starters. Happy New Year’s Day everybody!

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