Seven Days of Trump


IMG_20160224_203017IMG_20160225_114452IMG_20160224_202037Although I have mentioned before that I do not care for politics, nor do I usually put political related anything in my posts, there are two individuals who are an exception: Democratic Party Candidate/ Presidential hopeful, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican Party Candidate/Presidential hopeful Mr. Donald John Trump. In this and six other blog posts I am writing about Donald Trump.

This is why I have titled my blog posts Seven Days of Trump, because I am doing this for a span of seven days! And, in favor of one of my favorite celebrities, I am stating why Mr. Trump makes a great choice to represent the Republican party. In addition, I made a special trip to Las Vegas, Nevada and stayed one night at the Trump Towers! It was an « out of this world experience for me!

If Heaven was a hotel, it is at the Trump Towers(Trump International Hotel) in Las Vegas, Nevada! Yes! Yes, ya’ll! Sooooooo….here goes day #1!:

1):  Donald John T1449861369016-15317060611

rump is an American born and raised in the United States of America. He was born in Queens, New York City, New York. The year was 1946.




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