Seven Days of Donald Trump: Day 7

All of these photos are mine.

IMG_20160225_105821IMG_20160225_113657IMG_20160224_210453IMG_20160225_112825IMG_20160225_112813IMG_20160225_113809IMG_20160225_113839IMG_20160225_125528IMG_20160225_114423IMG_20160225_115206IMG_20160225_1148207): Amidst controversy, presidential hopeful, celebrity, entrepreneur, and more, Donald J. Trump is not afraid to voice his opinion, use his right to freedom of speech, face the heat, criticism, and trashy headlines that are and have been posted in the media, etc. He continues on like a champ to campaign right along with the other Democratic and Republican presidential hopefuls.Just read all of the shit out there on the internet! The media is having a fucking field day(as well as a slew of comedians)!















All in all, not only was Donald totally hot shit in handsomeness back in the day, he was a ladies man turned family man, is a businessman, is debonair, knows his shit, makes a great pick for the Republican party, and…..need I say more? If he is the winner to represent the Republican party to battle the winner of the Democratic party for president of the United States of America, he will learn a lot of things just like other Republican presidential hopefuls before him.

You live and you learn!

Last but not least, if either he or Hillary Rodham Clinton become president of the United States of  America, this is what both of them face as potential presidents that plague the United States of America:

1): Continued participation in warfare.

2): Illegal immigration(since when did people get touchy concerning this serious matter?).

3): Poverty: It is sad. Not very many people asked to be this way.

4): Inadequate and affordable healthcare for the poor and middle class: Obamacare does not seem like an adequate solution. Why? Not only have I applied before the deadline twice, due to being told that I could not be found in the system, after giving the Obamacare representatives my social security number, insurance that has been offered only covers birth control and prenatal care!

That’s some sorry ass shit! Obamacare does not cover other important shit such as: dental health, dental surgeries, dental shit, period, weight issue shit, fake titty surgery for women with breast cancer issues, pussy care, eye health, eye surgery, eye glasses, contact lenses(if needed), different kinds of therapy for the body, like: using a chiropractor and alternative types of therapy(like spas, acupuncture, etc.).

Hell, people get into motor vehicle accidents and end up having health issues months and years after a settlement out of court, etc. has been reached. People ages 21-65 need other healthcare help outside of birth control and prenatal help. Discount cards are not the answer! There are too many people out here that cannot pay for shit! They need help! Not punishment and cuts in programs and shit!

5): Cutting of food stamps from the poor and needy.

6): Terrorism(Including hate groups that exist in the United States such as: the KKK and the skinheads): Shit like this stays on news stations like CNN and other news stations.

7): Homelessness

8): Gangs and violent crimes.

9): Unemployment: Creating new jobs is not the only answer. Old jobs need to stay in business just like these new businesses that are opening up, and even the shitty ones need to remain in business. Why? Because, job continuance and stability should be a top concern! Why in the fuck is there such a fucking high turnover in most businesses? Employers need to focus on keeping the same employee for years, not fire people because you just took a business over and want all of your shitty and trashy ass homies and homegirls there! Of course, there are numerous other reasons for the high turnover rates as well.

10): Racism.


How would anyone solve these matters? It’s better to address these issues now and in the future as well.

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