Horrible News of the Day

Pizza Hut no longer serves breaded bone in chicken wings! Oh, my fucking God! My Saint Patrick’s Day has already been fucked up in sooooo many ways, so I decided that I would get Blue Bell green pistachio ice cream and Pizza Hut quepapas and Hawaiian wings(breaded and bone in). Well, I saw the word « traditional » and figured that it is my usual breaded and dipped in sauce shit. Boy, was I wrong!

I saw these crispy, soy sauce tasting wings that did not look breaded. So, when the realization hit me that my wings were not breaded, I called Pizza Hut.

« Sorry. We no longer have breaded, bone in wings any more », I heard on the other end of the line.

I was truly devastated. Well, there you have it, folks. Pizza Hut just fucked up, like Kentucky Fried Chicken did several years ago, when they decided to not sell breaded bone in barbecue wings. Another food chain blow. Wow. So sad. So very, very, very sad. I guess I will pour out some barbecue sauce for everyone out there who will no longer be able to have those breaded bone in saucy wings that I love.

Rest in peace, Pizza Hut. Rest in PeIMG_20160317_170313ace.

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