The Insecure Writers Group: April 2016

edit_2Well, I have been really busy. What is going on my fellow writing peers? I am doing more movie reviews this time. However, I do wish that there were more chances for indie movies to be reviewed alongside the regular big movies, because I would not mind doing at least three or four movie reviews a week.

It is really disappointing signing up for a popular movie review and all of the tickets are gone in like five minutes. Next, I have tons of other things to do.

This includes writing about certain celebrities. I was due to write a blog post about Denise Matthews(former leader of Vanity 6), but she passed away! That really blew my mind. Although I still am going to write about her, the way that I had my post set up will now change.

There are a lot of upcoming things. So, stay tuned. O.K.?

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