The Insecure Writer’s Group: May 2016

Well, I have been super busy lately with a lot of things. Before I go into what I have been doing, I feel that I must be tell you fellow writers, etc. to catch up on all of your projects. There really should be no excuse for procrastination.

So, just do it! Anyway, I have been planning all of my future activities around different things. I have not been actively writing and promoting as usual due to a career shift. Not everyone in the entertainment world is fortunate to have a lot of funds and a lot of funds to work with.

While successful writers, songwriters, comedians, and other entertainment professionals usually just have to worry about ratings, rankings, and whatnot, there are others such as: myself, who are at the other end of the spectrum.

The « super end of the spectrum ». Should I go into detail! I don’t know. However, because I have many functions, this means that I have a lot of different skills, and every now and then I have to learn a new skill and/or polish up an old one.

I guess I will not go into detail, However, I will mention that because I am at the very end of that spectrum, I have to earn my income and perks in different ways.

The three ways that I earn mine are through hard labor, micro jobs(internet jobs), and trading services. My hard labor job pays for everything. Well, enough of that. It’s time for my daily walk, I’m still grieving over Prince, and see you next time.

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