The Insecure Writer’s Group: June and July 2016 Edition

First of all, I want to thank all of my regular readers and followers. I really appreciate it. And, I want to apologize for not writing as much as I usually do. From the beginning of April right up until two Thursdays ago, I performed hard labor that included standing on my feet for long periods of time. Do you remember what I said over a month ago?

I mentioned that I do a number of things on the side to pay for what I need. A small portion helps to pay for my site to keep running, promote me and my mother’s books, travel, help take care of my child, and a whole host of other responsibilities that I have.

So, there are going to be times that I will have fewer posts some months. And, I am still reeling over the « giants » in the industry that have passed a little before and after the murder of the « King of Pop », Michael Jackson.

Although writing and other forms of art are my passion, I do not feel comfortable trudging on after a great person who I admire passes away. Like another writer somewhere said,  » It feels as if I am participating in a eulogy, » like I am writing funeral pieces. And, it’s not fair! It’s sad! I hate that something like this has happened and is happening.

All of these great leaders and celebrities are passing away and I’m like: Who are we as people going to look up to now?


Some of these people are people that I always wanted to meet. I was fortunate to meet some of them while I was a kid though. And, the ones that I did meet were not only great, they were really cool and down to earth.

And, sometimes….. larger than life. It seemed that way to me, anyway. Hell, I felt that I was just within reach of chatting with Denise Matthews. I will go into more detail later on in my upcoming blog post.

Denise Matthews(a.k.a. Vanity)was the former front woman of the group Vanity 6. Furthermore, look out for my blog post about Denise. 2009 on has been rough, horrible, and hard.

The least I can do is go ahead and honor some of those who have passed on by writing a post about them and hope that those who are around them in their everyday lives to encourage them to keep themselves healthy, maintain some balance in their lives so that they can live a lot longer, and so on.

Other than that, my birthday approaches (August 1st), I am backed up with stuff that I need to catch up on, and for the rest of the year I will be honoring Prince Rogers Nelson with R.I.P. tributes in various ways. It was a genius thing that Madonna said in response to the backlash that she received after doing a tribute in honor of her late friend Prince. She invited and encouraged everyone around the world to do their own tributes in honor of Prince. Next, when I am not writing, I am posting things on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites. For some weird reason, my blog posts will not upload when I try to share it from WordPress to LinkedIn.

Totally weird. I will keep everyone posted on what I am up to. Until August, I bid you all adieu. In parting, here is a brief list of who the world has lost since Michael Jackson’s passing:



Prince B(from P.M. Dawn).


David Bowie

Phife Dog(from a Tribe Called Quest)

Adam(D.J. A.M.)Goldstein


David Carradine

Patty Duke

Patrick Swayze

Maurice White

Glenn Frey

Jackie Collins

Ramsey Lewis

Joe Sample

Ruby Dee

Ozzy Davis

Wes Craven

Bobby Kristina Brown

Whitney Houston

Omar Sharif

Christopher Lee

Reynaldo Rey

B.B. King

Ben E. King

Leonard Nimoy

Oscar de la Renta

Joan Rivers

Robin Williams

Shirley Temple

Meshach Taylor

Muhammad Ali

Casey Kasem

Dick Clark

Don Cornelius

Ann B. Davis

D.J. E-Z Rock

John Henson

Harold Ramis

Juanita Moore

James Avery

Nelson Mandela

Tammy Faye Baker

Paul Walker

Sylvia Browne

Karen Black

George Duke

Donald Blackmon

James Gandolfini

Jean Stapleton

Joyce Brothers

Hector Camacho

Chris Kelly

Nick Ashford

Annette Funicello

Roger Ebert

Jane Henson

Bonnie Franklin

Cleotha Staples

Lou Myers

Nate Dogg

Donald Byrd

Thomas Kincaid

Leroy « Sugarfoot » Bonner

Dear Abby(Pauline Phillips)

Conrad Bain

Aaron Swartz

Jack Klugman

Larry Hagman

Natina Reed

Michael Clarke Duncan

Chris Lighty

Jerry Nelson

Maya Angelou

Phyllis Diller

Sherman Hemsley

Natalie Cole

Andy Griffith

Rodney King

Yvette Wilson

Robin Gibb

Donna Summer

Dick Clark

David Peaston

Etta James

Bernie Mac

Heavy D.

Joe Frazier

Steve Jobs

Vesta Williams

Uncle Frank(from the Jimmy Kimmel Show)

Bubba Smith

Amy Winehouse

Clarence Clemons

Clarice Taylor

« Macho Man » Randy Savage

Elizabeth Taylor

Michael Gough

Jack Lalanne

Sargent Shriver

Teena Marie

Rick James

Elizabeth Edwards

Leslie Nielsen

Barbara Billingsley

Tony Curtis

Tom Bosley

Jimmy Dean

Rue McClanahan

Gary Coleman

Lena Horne

John Forsythe

Corey Haim

Dennis Hopper

Teddy Pendergrass

Michael « Coco » Polakors

Mary Travers

John Hughes

Farrah Fawcett

End McMahan

Wayman Tisdale

Dom Deluise

Bea Arthur

Ricardo Montalban

Eartha Kitt

M.C. Breed(2008)

Rudy Ray Moore(2008)

Brittany Murphy

Doris Roberts

Leon Haywood

Alan Rickman

Percy Sledge

James Best

Donna Douglas

Christine Cavanaugh

Ray Harry Hausen

Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist

Bobby Rogers

Lucille Bliss

Bob Welch

Ray Bradbury

Vidal Sassoon

Jimmy Ellis

Jani Lane


John Barry

Bob Guccione

Natasha Richardson

Alan Livingston

Jim Paratore

Garry Marshall

Johnny Cochran(2005)

Henry Cele(2007)

Anna Nicole Smith(2007)


Sources: Wikipedia and http://www.famous

For all of those who were fortunate to be buried in the ground, may they all « rest in peace ».


For all of those who were cremated, may they all  » rest in spirit ».IMG_20160614_193647










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