The Insecure Writer’s Group: October 2016

Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? It has been a while since I have made a blog entry. I have actually written this one over, again, due to my first post not posting at all!

Here I posted my little heart out without writing anythingdown! Boy am I pissed! Anyway, a lot has happened since I took a little hiatus. I spent some time on social media for a little while.

And, let me tell you: Life without blogging or journaling fucking sucks! Same thing goes with not doing my art work, either. Back to that!

I have another side job now. I promote movies! Last month I really wanted to go to the Magnificent 7 movie premiere, and I could not go, because every place that gave away the passes ran out of passes everywhere! The tickets just kept getting hogged up. I was beside myself.

Then, after I finally gave up searching for tickets, it was like I had an epiphany or something! I signed up to be a movie promoter! I began thinking:


Never again will I have to worry about not getting any movie tickets s to whatever movie that I want to watch! And, I can bring all of my family and friends if I want to! My problems are now solved sometimes.

Anyway, that was that. August and September’s The Insecure Writer’s Group posts were not posted because I did not post them. However, they will be posted this week.

I may be late, but it will be posted. I wrote the post for those months but did not submit the information. Simple as that. The much awaited blog post about Denise Matthews(a.k.a. Vanity) is coming as well. That post was also completed. Also, the post about Sarah Baartman is on its way(dubbed « The Hottentot Venus » and « The Hottentot Apron »).

Next, there are a number of events that are coming up that millions of people in the world have gossiping about:

  1. Madea’s Halloween movie
  2. Halloween
  3. Election day
  4. Election day parties


Yep! These are the hot topics out there right now!  I want to see the Madea  Halloween movie. I saw some previews and it looked pretty good!

Are you guys ready for Halloween? What is happening after Halloween?  Well folks, this next event is the most anticipated and exciting political campaign in U.S. history.

This race to the white house is so spectacular that election day itself will be treated like a  » national holiday » before and after millions of registered voters vote November 8th, 2016!

Yes! That’s right! It’s party time! Tailgating party time! Word is out that people will be holding election day parties in honor of this historical event!

Some people are losing their minds over this! Wow! Can you tell? Just listen to « the panickers » discussing The Apocalypse! Is this « a sign of the times »? Fuck no it is not!

Two cool ass people are running for president: Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump! There has never been such a campaign in American history, where two politicians not only stand toe to toe, both are front and center and are literally on the wildest rollercoaster like ride in their personal and political lives! And, while the world is watching! The race itself is wild and unpredictable, like some type of board game: Who did it?, Who done it?, Where are they going?, Where are we going?, and What are they doing?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, from the moment of the announcement of the nominees all the way into November 8th, 2016, it is officially « Friday night smackdown » in the political arena, starring…..the media, acting like crooked managers of underground boxers in a bloody fight to the finish, orchestrating a « Cosby-ish » fiasco with Donald Trump and a seemingly jab at a matter of invasion of privacy concerning Hillary Clinton’s email!

Yes, yes y’all! People are seriously forgetting that this is a PRESIDENTIAL RACE and not reality T.V. Nor, a soap opera! While Hillary and Donald seem to be knee deep in a European style mud fight with the media and/or those responsible for this unwelcome, unprofessional, and shocking turn of events in both of these individuals’s lives, both politicians names have literally become M.U.D.D. to those responsible in front and behind the scenes.

In the midst of all of this, both politicians are expected to be brave, take hold of those invisible reins , and lasso in their situations and son-a-ma-bitches like a wild ass horse that has just been broken and conquered. Ride this bitch of a campaign to it’s caimg_20160606_202759taclysmic crescendo of a finish! May the best candidate win!

All of these photos are mine.

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