Insecure Writers Group: August and September 2016

20140404_124610Well, the month of August sped by like some type of race(it seems like that for me, anyway). I still have so much to do. I have yet to go to a seminar that is held by the record label I am with as a songwriter. Truthfully, there is not a damn thing going on in Austin, TX. So, I wish that the record label would hold events at least in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Shreveport, Louisiana, or hell, at least Dallas, Texas!

Shit! I am taking it more seriously concerning making it an effort to attend more movie premiers. I want to go to at least two per week. How has everyone been doing? Fellow writers! How have you been?

This weekend, 10-20 love poems will be written by me and turned into videos. I think I may write a total of five songs. Like I said, I am way overdue to be in the studio recording stuff.

I also have five photoshoots that I will be participating in. For those who are in the entertainment industry, literary field, and anything that deals with art, entertainment, and fashion, I urge you to step your game up. If you made plans to pursue personal projects, etc., I encourage you to do it now.

Don’t wait! Life is too short. I will be going to the comedy club more often. Not only do I love to laugh, I really like the setting at the improv place that I attend.

There are two comedy clubs that I attend. One is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The other is in Arlington, Texas. Obtaining an art degree in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is still in the works.

I still hate the fact that I now have to have a passport to go there. I remember when I did not have to. Anyway, I am still doing what I have been doing since over a month ago:


My Prince tributes in different ways. I read somewhere that the Nelson family was supposed to hold a big Prince tribute this very month.

Well, I haven’t heard any updates regarding this. Next, I have not been given a Harriet Tubman $20.00 bill yet! Boy was I pissed to find out that none of the U.S.A. banks have these bills ready, although it has been approved that Harriet Tubman is to replace the racist, former slave holder Andrew Jackson.

Last Friday my baby sister and I asked to turn in our Andrew Jackson bills in exchange for the new Harriet Tubman bills. Even the check cashing companies are still passing out new Andrew Jackson $20.00 bills!

Again, my little sister and I found out when we needed to take care of some personal business. I will update you guys about the events that have been scheduled for me as I do them.

And, while I am on location. Until next time, I bid you all adieu! Ciao!

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