Question of the Day

img_20160829_183310Have you ever listened to a song that sounded so scandalous, that you had to do a « double take » towards the person who played the song?






I mean a song so scandalous that « Me So Horny » is like « the Barney song » compared to what you just heard.

Well, today’s « scandalous song » is by K-Camp. It is titled « In My Face ». Over one year ago, I was taking care of business at a 7 Eleven when someone flashy, shiny car  passed by me playing a song full blast with a loud bass.

Next, I heard a tight ass beat with these scandalous words,  » Put that pussy in my face. » The first thing that I thought of was oooh, that’s soooooo nasty!

Of all the nasty music I have listened to in my 41 years of life, I have never heard such a thing! And, for a woman to sit her naked ass on a man’s face?!!!

With her pussy on it? Now, that’s scandalous! What’s scandalous? Shit like this that belongs in the bedroom between two people. The first « scandalous song » that I heard was « Freaky Tales » by Too Short.

Back in the day, music like this was forbidden for me to listen to. However, I had a friend in junior high who moved from Fresno, California to Oklahoma. And, Too Short was in her music collection. When I first heard « Freaky Tales », I was like this is the shit!

I thought that it was sexy, too. In fact, I found it to be a little stimulating. Anyway, that was that. Just a few days ago, I listened to » In My Face », again. And, lo and behold! My little sister had already heard of it! It became a « mouth dropping moment » for me then.

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