The Insecure Writer: December 2016

img_20161107_0423401Hello, again my fellow writers, singers, musicians, artists, fans, and whoever reads this blog post. This month’s focus is home, creating new material, catching up on what I am behind on, and marketing: which, YOU SHOULD BE DOING ALSO!

Facebook showed me some memories from last year. This included my Thanksgiving 2015 post. Last year I wished everyone a very shitty Thanksgiving.

My Thanksgiving was a tad bit less shitty than last year. However, I spent more time this year dropping people off to enjoy their own Thanksgiving.

Although I was not in a festive mood, I was thankful. Just fucking thankful. Does that make any sense? Anyway, to my surprise my post is early. My election day party was my Thanksgiving.

I wanted a fucking party, so I threw one. So, I was like  fuck Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving came around and I enjoyed a Hungry Man microwave dinner. Too bad Hungry Man doesn’t have like a giant breaded cod meal with like broccoli and shit.

Oh well. Anywho, I listened to plenty of music, including Erykah Badu, Donnell Jones, Herbie Hancock, and others. Right now I am playing catch up, working on new material, and reflecting on some things that need to be done about the home front.

Regarding the « home front », I am talking about what I am willing to do concerning family issues. The question for me is: is such a burden greater for me to handle? I have been down this road before. Can I endure this for another three months?

Author and artistwise, like I suspected, I need to promote my ass off. Within the past month I made tons of friends from all over the world. I am glad, too.

It made me so happy. Well, I gotta go now. Happy holidays everyone!

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