Question of the Day: Survival 101

This question goes out to people who are legitimately struggling to make it, who do not have a drug and/or alcohol dependency issue:


How far would you go to stay warm, have/keep a roof over your head, and be comfortable?

Winter time is approaching. Some areas of the world are freezing. Some are cold, some are warm, and some areas are hot. I do not pay attention to statistics because they seem to be grossly exaggerated pertaining to true facts.

Here in the United States, many who are struggling financially have to do a number of things just to make ends meet. And, there are tons of families out there who are struggling.

It seems as if the poor are punished and have more so called benefits taken away from them. And, if these individuals become homeless, life becomes a hell that is totally undescribable at times. And, the horrible and interesting thing about being homeless is the fact that there are twice as many cruel individuals who not only want to see you off the streets, they will hurt you to get you off the streets. I mean physically harm you. Harm you to the point of revving up their engine of their vehicle and run you over where you sit or sleep.

These individuals truly need to be locked up somewhere where there will never be a key to release them. Well, that was my question for you guys.

I ask you individuals who are currently going through hard times to keep your head up and keep trying. If you have to sweep and mop floors for a while, clean toilets, change pampers, flip hamburgers, wash dishes, etc., that is O.K.

Shoot for the stars and try to be successful. Make a goal of having a better life. The holidays are approaching. Try not to cry. You may not have a turkey. That is O.K. You may not have a family around you.

You may have to eat canned something. And, that is O.K., too. Some people in the world have to smoke rats for their meal. And, some people are near to being eaten by rats.

Hopefully this year will get better for you. Keep it positive. Happy holidays.img_20161107_0423401


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