Recipe of the Day

img_20160621_224802Today’s recipe of the day is: chinese sweet and sour honey mustard pork chops!


What you are going to need are:


1)10 pounds+ pork chops


3)sweet and sour sauce

4)seasonings that you prefer






10)roaster pans(2-3)

11)3-4 freezer bags

First, rinse all of your meat off. Then, put all of your pork chops in freezer bags. After that put marinade in all of your bags that contain pork chops.

Make sure that your marinade totally coats all of your pork chops. Close all of your freezer bags and put your bags of pork chops in the freezer or refrigerator for two whole days.

After two days have passed, take out a really big and clean pot, put all of your pork chops in it, and put your desired seasonings on top of your pork chops.

Next, put half a bottle of mustard in that pot, along with approximately three cups of sweet and sour sauce, and half a bottle(small bottle)of honey. Here is the messy part: Wash your hands and mix everything together in that big pot of pork chops with your hands.

When you get done, your meat is going to look like raw and smothered pork chops.

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