The Insecure Writers Group: January 2017

Well, we have gotten through another year. The world has lost tons of beloved celebrities last year. If I were to sum up or describe last year in one word, it would be « surreal ».

We lost so many beloved celebrities, that losing them and some of my very own family members left me a little lost for a while.

I was so…I don’know, that there were times when I didn’t even write for a while! I am talking about long intervals! The intervals were so long at times, that I literally had to force myself to get back into the swing of things!

The presidential election kind of shocked me that it was even controversial. Because, the world already received the shock that a part African male became president of the United States of America over 8 years ago.

So, the question is: Really, why in the fuck was the presidential race controversial to begin with? Well, this time a Mexican ran for president.

That Cruz dude. Come on! Ronald Reagan won the presidential race in the 1970’s, Rev. Jesse Jackson lost, and Rev. Jesse Jackson is black, O.K.?!!

Hillary Rodham Clinton, former U.S.A. Secretary of State, made U.S.A. history as well, becoming not only the first woman to win Democratic nominee to run for president of the United States of America, she also became the first woman in the United States of America to win the popular vote to become president of the U.S.A.! In my opinion, she should be serving as President #2, right beside the new president Donald Trump!

Hell, if this were a reality, they could put her and her family in a lavish home in Olympia, Washington!

President Donald Trump made history, too! Not only is he a businessman, who used most of his own funds (if I am not mistaken)to compete in the presidential race, he is a reality T.V. star, has a gorgeous wife who used to be a model, and who currently (in my opinion) is the second woman in white house history, who can literally wear anything without looking like « an old hag »!

I can go on and on, but I need to get back to what is happening in  » my writer universe « . Any who, I participated and celebrated Dove Soap’s 60th year in existence celebration, by taking a picture with a bar of Dove soap!

I am a third generation Dove soap user! I love Dove soap! Next, I scheduled two photoshoots and have other things in the works. Back in December, fellow author Virginia Johnson Lee and I got to enjoy being entertained by the great comedian, entertainer, activist, and more, none other than Mr. Dick Gregory!

We saw him December 23rd, 2016 at The Arlington Improve, in Arlington, Texas. I first heard of Dick Gregory back in the early 1990’s.

I think all of the rave back then in Los Angeles, California was about his mushroom diet. After that, I heard a tiny bit more about him later on throughout the years. However, I became intrigued when he was at Hugh Hefner’s roast. That was a very entertaining and cool ass roast!

I had mad respect then for Dick Gregory and more for Hugh Hefner! Totally! So, naturally when I saw that Dick Gregory was in the comedy lineup at The Arlington Improve, I knew that I had to go! Author Virginia Johnson Lee totally laughed her ass off!

The show was great! To me, the highlight of the night was Neesha and Joel. They were crazy hilarious! Oh, my God!

After December 23rd, 2016, I threw a Christmas party on Christmas eve. My family and I are just now getting ready to have our Christmas. All of the gifts are not gathered together yet.

Yeah, pretty tough times for me alone. Remember: I am at the low end of the spectrum financially as a writer. I am a poor one. A very, very, very poor one.

For New Year’s Eve, my family wanted my mother to fix black eyed peas on top of rice. We ended up up having our new year’s meal not long ago. Our immediate family just does whatever concerning coping when the holidays approach and gets here.

Hell, I try to celebrate the holidays whenever I can, like now. There were some years that I did not celebrate. Those were mostly the years that I studied off and on with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Now, these days I do celebrate different holidays. Plus, celebrating the holidays is fun. This Saturday my family and I are celebrating Chinese New Year, too!

As far as anything else that has happened, I created a Facebook Challenge, challenging all 5,000 of my Facebook friends to do something really huge that totally impacts their own lives in a positive way within 2 days from December 31st, 2016, 2 weeks afterwards, 2 months, and 6 months after that!

My challenge is called « 2, 2, &2″. I thought of the idea by reminiscing about one of my favorite shows back in the 1980’s called The Love Connection.

And it’s former sexy host, Mr. Chuck Woolery. And, I was thinking about De La Soul’s song titled  » Ring Ring Ring ». Those two combinations caused me to name my challenge that.

Before going ro commercial break, Chuck Woolery would say, « I’ll see you in 2 & 2. »

In De La Soul’s Song called « Ring Ring Ring », Trugoy the Dove says, If you wanna call me up, take my my number down. It’s 222-2222, I’ve got an answering machine that can talk to you. »

I gave everyone more than 2 weeks time to make a huge impact in their lives on my challenge in the two week check up part.

Now I will notify them through this post in what I did within that time frame! That was « 2&2 »! Now the third task for my Facebook challenge is due March 3rd, 2017 of this year.

It has to happen on time this time, without any more leeway!



Yesterday morning I did something positive. I already spread news, ads, and other things via social media about other people through Co-promoter!

The website is called and you can promote your things there, too! Lionel Richie has a beautiful home and decor collection! And, you should check it out on his website, through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well!

Everything is sooooo beautiful! In one of the photos, both he and Martha Stewart are showing everyone the beautiful things that you can purchase to beautify your home!

And, yesterday, Saturday January 28th, 2017, some of my family members and I celebrated Chinese New Year! It was a very nice gathering with some decorations, gift giving, and healthy food! My favorite dish was the Asian mustard pork on top of rice. I am definitely going to have to fix more of that!

All of my life I hated mustard. Before this moment, I never knew that mustard could taste soooooo good! Until, I made this dish! Well, until next time! I bid you adieu!

Happy Chinese New Year!




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