The Insecure Writers Group: February 2017

img_20160225_091527Well, it is February 2017. Whooptee-doo! Whatever. Another year. Just another year for me as a writer and freelancer. I think that once I reached the age of thirty five, I’m like whatever dudes and dudettes.

Valentine’s Day is approaching. There are tons of things that you guys out there can do. I guess most of my Valentines out there are my online fans. I love it, too. I may not get physical gifts.

That is O.K. Just butter me up all day long. It’s not like I am going to run off and elope somewhere. I’m too fucking broke for that. So, fellow writers, I guess for the month of February I am going to focus on Valentine’s Day, and what everyone in the world can do for their honeys/significant others on Valentine’s Day!

First of all, I love Valentine’s Day! Like Christmas, it is usually a beautiful and jovial time of year! Last year I went stag and took myself out to the movies and watched the movie Pretty In Pink. My nachos were the absolute shit, too!

I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And, the movie theater off of 71st Street and Garnett was fucking jam packed! This time around, I will keep you posted via social media about what I did for Valentine’s Day.

Until next time, here are some ideas for what to do on Valentine’s Day for Singles and Couples.


Ideas for Valentine’s Day:


1) Throw a Valentine’s Day party!

2) Take a nice bubble bath together. Rub each other down with some soap. Pour liquid soap onto one another’s bodies. You should know what to do after that.


3) Bake one another a home made dessert!


4) Cook a special meal.

5) New age: Make a sex video that no one will ever get their hands on.


6) If you are married, put on some sexy music and go at it to have a baby!


7) Rent a suite and put a clay mask on each other’s bodies. Role play like you are at the spa. Swap roles on who will play the customer and who will play the masseuse!


8) Watch some movies at a drive-in theater.


9) Take a week long romantic trip. Hell, go on a cruise for couples on the Princess Cruise ship! Princess Cruise Lines is the original « Love Boat »!


10) Play  » hide and go get it » and/or « hide and seek » naked!



Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles! :


1) Go to a dinner show.

2) Take a trip to Las Vegas.

3) Go to a strip club.

4) Take a boudoir photo session and post them in your dating profile, if you are registered on a dating website!

5) Play dodge ball with an open group.

6) Go to a concert.

7) Do something special for your loved ones. Or, someone who you know that may be more miserable than you are.

8) Chat online with one of your nasty admirers, if you have one.

9) Go shopping!

10) Order takeout and just enjoy yourself at home.


Well folks, that is all right now! Enjoy yourselves. And, happy Valentine’s Day!




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