Question of the Day

Why does it seem like the average middle Eastern man does not like his brown skin color and prefers to get the whitest or fairest colored bride that he can get?

Although I have tons of friends from the middle East, I have noticed this from their posts, pictures of their new brides, and more.

Although I am not sure how long this has been going on, I have noticed that this is a sad occurrence compared to what I have seen growing up as a child.

And, this seems like a quiet and peaceful form of genocide. Melanin genocide. It may sound weird, but this is what I have noticed. All of my life I have admired the beauty/handsomeness and numerous qualities that I like in the men of the middle east. Especially their olive skin and brown skin, along with their exotic looks to go with their skin tones. However, this seems like a nightmarish trend to me!


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