I talk to you. You talk to me.


By the end of the night we made up a love story.


Who is the best?


You want me to start at your request.


The flow is unlike a riddle.


Hey, Diddle Diddle.


Sometimes you jump in the middle.


Before we are done, we continue to have a lot of fun.


We lit each other’s fire like a Bic.


Every now and then we include a pic.


One of us might be in a state of undress.


Somehow our love game turned into a mess.


The first sign was like a dent.


It happened when my #2 favorite friend gave me a hint.


What can I say?


My friend’s hint ended up being a request that he wanted to play.


I started out like, « Yo, what’s up? »


My little friend fucked everything up.


I think I may need a drink in a shot cup.


I just couldn’t play with this dude.


He really fucked up my mood.


We both tried to tell each other things we thought would please one another.


Just my luck.


Brutha man had virgin eyes and ears.


I felt like I just got through playing a game of chess with Jesus.


What the fuck?!!


Game over. Fa-la-la.


It all ended when I mentioned Allah.


I warned him not to bait me.


Aw, shit. I think that he may actually hate me!


It did not stop there. Something else was new.


Another friend of mine wanted to play the same exact game!


It seemed like I was in a situation called déjà vu!


The sky definitely was not purple.


Because, what we shared seemed like it may have been passed around by « word of mouth », in a complete circle.


The last man who I knew pretty much filled in the suspicion which lurked in between the cracks.


The story is over.


It has reached a complete low.


The creator of this fantasy game can no longer get off.


No more overflow.


If this storytelling that started between two people(and was to be originally kept between only the two)was meant to be some type of group game and I didn’t know it….then GAME OVER!


I am a serious minded individual.


I do not want to seem long winded.


No pun intended.


Games are for those who are into Sega Genesis and Super Mario Brothers.


Toying around like this has been put to a complete end.


No apologies from me. My rules will not break nor bend.


This is real life.


I’m ol’ skool.


This was written. You will not receive a fax.


Bullshit has been stopped dead in its tracks.



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