Question of the Day

Did you know that the terrorist group called « The Skin Heads » began in England and started as a small group of gay individuals before becoming an even bigger group once the movement spread into the United States?

However, they were not a terrorist group in their early stages. Although « The Skin Heads » remain homosexual, they are at the other end of the gay spectrum. To me, they are worse than a group of Klingons from outer space. They are evil gay people.

They still hump booties and assholes, but are totally wicked with it, and are known to be murderers. Rumors still exist that they often take away a guy’s manhood by gang raping, and fucking men to death in prison. And, are one of the world’s most powerful terrorist groups.

No offense to gay society as a whole. However, « The Skin Heads » are the most wicked gay people of all to me.


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