Matter At Hand

There is an important matter at hand.


It must be taken care of.


Do you understand?


There are a lot of burdens that I currently carry.


And, my problems will not be solved if I go ahead and rush to marry.


One day I hope that you see me soon, in all of my glory.


Mostly everything that I share with the world is true, and not just a story.


So, you can keep fucking around and dabbling here and there.

Especially while the rest of us struggle in turmoil.


Your sorry ass could give a care.


I may finally marry someone with extremely good looks.


What matters the most? I do not know.


I have a family to take care of, including marketing me and my mother’s books.


So, while politics and all of that bullshit remains and crumbles like sand.


My family and I are my concern.


This is the important matter at hand.

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