Which Hell Is Cooler?

One, two, three…

What’s it going to be?

Why must you interrogate me?

You are unlike the birds.

A man like you has very few words.

It is not a case of subtraction.

Your last request left me with a lot of usatisfaction.

I am not surprised that I did not yelp.

Because, your type of demands got more advanced when you, again asked  for my help.

I think that you may have to approach the wish fountain.



Because, at this moment in time, I can NEVER move a single mountain.

We got further into our conversation.

This time it dealt with location.

Neither of us drives a Lexus.

But, ooooh! You sure pissed me off when you asked for connections from Texas!

That shit is totally savage. It is no good.

Because, most of my connections are far, far away.

Maybe even in, out, or right in the hood!

What you said got me thinking.

In fact, that was pretty dismal.

The more I thought about Texas, I felt even more miserable.

Unfortunately, I have never been saved by the bell.

In comparing places, staying in Texas and Oklahoma for me has been a living hell!

Time to leave the country!

So, between the lesser evil, there is no ruler.

If I had to think of one or the other state, I would have to think about which hell is cooler.

I have yet to travel to faraway places.

The sphinx has many faces.

You can ask me, again.


Hopefully, the question will not be, « Which place did you miss? »

Because, I still remain in Texas and still bounce to Oklahoma.

Damnit! I remain in the abyss!

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