Are You Serious?

One, two.


It happened out of the blue.


I’m not sure who will wait.


Nor do I know the wedding date.


Hopefully, you do not smoke.


Is our engagement a joke?


It happened so fast.


My fears are now part of the past.


The thought of us being engaged does have some appeal.


Man, are you for real?!!


If you are, then tell me.


What is the deal?


Fuck, we are so poor!


I think that this situation is pure fantasy.


In fact, I call it folklore!


I do not like the fact that I have to just wait and see.


I guess anything goes. You could be telling me anything.


I am here. You are faraway in another country!


Neither of us can see the other’s activities.


That kind of thing is something that I would like to see.


Sometimes you call me pussy.


At times it appears that you make a mistake and call me pissy.


I’m not into Andre Tyson.


However, I’m going to treat this situation like « Iron Mike » Tyson.


Yes, my dear.


Do you remember when he bit off a part off that cheating boxer’s ear?


Unlike a dunce, Iron explained that the first « head butt » incident was excused once.


But, the second time that it happened, the other boxer was not excused.


That violation was not meant.


No longer was such behavior regarded by Mike an accident.


Not a sike.


But, just like Mike.


Neither one of us is delirious.


You made more than two violations.


And, calling me pissy is serious.


So, let’s see.


Is it something that I do not know about that should  concern me?


I put my shit all out there on the table.


So, what will it be?


Here we go.


In dealing with you there is a lot that I may need to know.


Like I said, I am not delirious.


Do you intend for us to fuck?


Is that a rat that I smell?


Or, is fucking out, too? Is that possibility a fairytale?


I need to know. Do you really see yourself as my husband?


Are you serious?




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