She Ran Away

It started out as a cool ass night.


What granny did was give me a fright.


I was there from the beginning to the end.


She has a will that no one needs to bend.


This lady was definitely not delirious.


For the rest of the family concerned, reality has yet to hit home.


So, to me they are not quite mentally serious.


Words sometimes gradually gets passed around.


The situation does not really seem that serious to everyone else, because ol’ granny was quickly found.


It started out with her son Ron.


He currently works for Ben and Don.


At first, nothing happened. There was no fall.


But, shit hit the fan when Ron did not return his oldest sister’s phone call.


It was unlike a situation of a wedding ring lost by a groom.


Next thing I know, granny said that she had to use the bathroom.


Regarding her situation, last year I made a prayer request with the prayer partners to grant granny a blessing from the heavens above.


However, she has not received her blessing yet.


Seven of her children continue their same pattern of not calling regularly nor allowing her to visit them on a daily basis.



She  craves their love!


This is not a cliffhanger.


However, she continues to hold in her anger.


Oh, but when her anger unleashes!


She takes it out on her caretaker, her eldest daughter and grandchildren’s things, tearing their property to pieces.



To make matters worse, some of her seven children stress her out, discussing matters about her little old house in Louisiana.


There are so many repairs that need to be done with it.


So many, that you cannot just cover it up with a huge bandana.


I’m not Lurch.


However, her home is wanted by a fucking church!


That house is all that she has! All that she has got!


Yet, the church wants her home knocked down to become a fucking church parking lot!!!


Yeah, honey!


There is also a bigger problem!


No one has funds to remodel her home.


No one has the fucking money!


The events are about to unfoil.


There is family gossip.


This talk is that this house in particular may be sitting on top of oil!


Hmmmmm….there are many bones to pick.


This very neighborhood where her house sits is historic!


Why she runs away? I definitely understand.


This situation is a big mess.


She does not want to lose her house.


And, this thought caused her a lot of stress.




For all of this mother fucker is going through, I definitely understand why she ran away.







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