We Ran Away

She ran her way.


I ran mine.


Both of us reached our destinations the same day.


But, at different times.


Everything is now fine.


Thank God she is not on crystal meth.


Neither one of us could take it anymore.


I almost lost my last breath.


On her journey she was first turned around.


To others she appeared lost.


She was not gone too long.


However, she was found.


She felt that seven of her kids put her in a trap.


As a result, she starts to snap.


Where have all of her sons been?


I don’t know.


They don’t hardly give a rat’s ass about her.


The plan is in her head.


She is gone, again! She is turning pro. I must confess.


She is no longer an amateur runner.


Now she is the best.


I guess.


Oh shit!


That is it!


So long.


She is gone.


No hesitation.


At last, she has reached her desired destination.


And, my oh my!


So did I!




We ran away!

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