Piss Power

On a day to day basis, no one expects this.


But, it is frustrating when you refuse to take yourself to the bathroom.


You decide to remain in the room, wrap the blanket around yourself, sit on the bed, and piss.


Now you have to get up and take a shower. There is no vault.


I understand that you are angry that seven of your kids do not care about you enough to visit, and care for you on a daily basis.


But, that is not my fault!


My God, do I love 7 eleven. I cannot force you to increase your water intake.


Shit, your urine smells like elephant turds!


Your fucking pamper makes the trash smell to high heaven!


Too bad. I am not a magic elf.


Sometimes I see your smile of satisfaction when you make my mom disappointed.


Yeah, you are proud of yourself.


Talking really super nice to you does not always work to help get you in that shower.


I give up in almost every way.


Congratulations. I guess you must feel that you are some kind of super hero.

You must feel that you have piss power!

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