Man, oh man. What should I do?


Back in August 2016 you were 31.


Now you are 22!


You lied to me! Take a look!


Why did you change your age on Facebook?


That was not cool.


What makes matters worse is the fact that you kept lying to me yesterday about it.


What were you trying to to do, make it seem like I lost my mind?


I do not like to be played like a fool.


Finally, you had to dig your way out of your web of lies.


What a fucked up mess.


You had no choice but to confess.


Baby, I was not born yesterday.


Nor is my name Babe Ruth.


I am reminding you, again that sometimes it is very beneficial to be trustworthy and tell the truth.


I cannot believe that you were my fiancee!


And, I cannot change things now. What’s a bitch to do?


You told me yesterday that in order to get with me, you changed your age to 31.


Now that the relationship is over, you are 22?!!

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