The Wedding Is Off!

Ooooooh! That bitch! What the fuck?


When I heard the news, I thought that I was going to upchuck!


On her day off she was going around in between family members, sneakin’.


Come to find out, wedding dress window shopping is what she was peakin’.


When she dropped the news that there was going to be a wedding soon, her face was all aglow.


Now this dumb mother fucker’s wedding is off!


What a blow!


Some of her ideas were unique.


I even volunteered to cater some food for the reception!


That’s what I’m talking about.


Everyone is tired of her bitching. Ooooh! I just knew that this was too good to be true.


Damnit! Her getting married off was perfect!


Because, just about everyone has been ready for her to move her trifling ass out!


Gaddamnit! She’s back to dating, again.


Was one of her boyfriends’ names Reich’ic?


The second most sickening thing of all is the fact that she keeps going to a psychic!


I just want to know if there is a solution to this dilemma.

I mean……it’s like she’s making shit difficult!


Is there another route?


Because, damn! She really needs to hurry up and move the fuck out!


Something has to give.


I wish that this dilemma was as simple as a cough.


Because, this is one dumb ass bitch.


The wedding is off!

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