Hush, Sweet Charlotte

Hush, sweet Charlotte. Don’t you cry.


Many people have and will pass you by and by.


The very life that you have lived is definitely no lie.


Will you be sitting down on the pavement around Christmas time, where everyone else celebrates the holidays with their eyes all aglow?


There is hell to pay while you sit amongst the snow.


Keep one eye open as you try to sleep.


A lot of people do not like to see you homeless doing this.


At nightfall you cannot go far.


You know the routine.


Once both of your eyes close, some maniac will try to hit you with their car.


Every now and then someone will invite you in to keep you warm.


It is a rarity.


Hmmmm….is it really useless sometimes when people donate money to a charity?


You cannot stay in public housing.


There are too many requirements that cannot be met. Not even the electricity.


Outside of every four walls there is a big strike against you, because of your ethnicity.


A raindrop is like a tear falling from the sky.


You may as well wipe that big swollen eye.


It is a waste of time when you weep.


There is no one else to turn to, eventhough when you are gone, God has your soul to keep.


Here we go, again.


The government had a program shut down.


Will it help for you to move out of town?


Now your food stamps will forever remain cut off.


No time to scoff.


It is very rank in the air.


In New Orleans they do not care.


There is a big outcry to the poor, unfortunate, and now crippled ones.


Would you like some Funyuns?


A lot of their troubles are not taken care of through the new Obamacare.


You dare?


I have heard of a lot things that seem to always make a great political debate.


Others have said that it is nothing but a bunch of crap covered over like a bandage.


Red tape.


No need to hate.


It all sounds like shit to me.


Now you see.


No one likes when the lights go off.


Run! You need to escape!


She won’t beat your ass.


But, she’ll put you out.


I hope that nothing will happen to you.


That is another thing that I am talking about.


One goal was to keep your ass out of the street.


More than one person hit you with their car.


Thank goodness you are not six feet deep.


And, you have more than one goal to meet.


There is a situation where someone will win.


Back into the darkness you may have to return, where you may have to bend over and spread your legs.


He will spread you far and wide.


Yet, again.


Rin tin tin?


You know exactly what I am talking about.


Good night for now.


Lights out!




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