The Smurfs

The other day I was notified about something groovy.


It is something special. Guess what it is?


It is a crazy cool movie!


It is something borrowed.


Also, it is something new.


Guess what else?


It is filled with the color blue!


This movie franchise includes more than one village.


However, I am pretty sure that none of the people are serfs.


Most of these people are named  according to a personality or something.


Look out!


They are not the seven dwarves. They are the Smurfs!


Almost everyone there is happy. Except, for one dumbbell.


It is a humanoid who owns a shady cat.


His name is Gargamel.


Have you ever tasted Smurf cereal?


It is tastier than a bowl of maraschino cherries.


Not only is the cereal blue, the flavor is of blueberries!


If this cereal is no longer available and you have not tried it, then I do not know what to tell you.


Because, the last time that I had Smurf cereal was when I was seven years old.


That was back in 1982!


Yeah, that is right.


Clumsy Smurf is quite a fright.


Of all the years that I have watched this cartoon, I have never known Smurf Village to be rainy.


I guess the smartest smurf in the village is Brainy.


Hmmmmm…..does anyone want dessert?


I don’t need a faker.


However, Smurf Village has a smurf named Baker.


Well, I declare! I had to put down my fork!


Because, a new smurf arrived named Baby Smurf!


It was dropped off by a stork!


Yeah, there are even old ones on this turf.


Hello, Grandpa Smurf!


Smurf Village even has a nursery(I think).


The worker there has a name.


I think that her name is Fanny.


No. That is not true. But, there is a Smurf named Nanny.


Do not let your mind boggle. Use Google.


By the way, Nanny has a pooch named Smoogle.


Although, I have never known a smurf to be slouchy.


There is a horrible named Grouchy.


It is so amazing that no one in Smurf Village is needy.


Because, there is a smurf there named Greedy.


Ooooooh….things sure are getting steamy.


Because, one smurf in particular seems to finish things a day or so later.


His name is Dreamy.


There is one smurf who goes beyond the game of Hokey Pokey.


His name is Jokey.


My mistake. There is a disheveled smurf.


Watch out, Grouchy!


Look out for the smurf named Slouchy!


Oh, boy. You jerk!


I can no longer tell time!


I need to visit Smurf Clockwork!


Next, there is no cat in the hat.


But, here comes Nat!


Bruh, you know it.


There is a smurf somewhat like me and his name is Poet.


Of course, no one around here is black and mild.


However, one smurf around here is Wild!


Move over, Hannity!


Another smurf in particular commands attention and is feelin’ himself.


The name is Vanity.


Thank heavens that every smurf has their own mushroom house.


Because, one smurf in particular would definitely drive me crazy.


This smurf is Lazy.




Where is Handy?


Another smurf asked me if I was a « lefty ».


I answered, « Yes. »


Guess who it was?


It was Hefty!


My entire time at Smurf Village was not bad at all.


In fact, I left feeling happy!


However, I got a little irritated by a Smurfling named Snappy.


Now I am trying to think.


Did I meet a smurf who is a yuppy?


Nah. I guess not.


You could only imagine the pleasant surprise when I met the smurfs dog named Puppy.


You have not seen anything yet.


Wait until you meet Smurfette!


Ahhhhhhh….what an adventure!


Let me tell you about it.


Papa Smurf went to Reporter, because he could not find Tailor.


As he continued on his merry way, he sang with Harmony on the way to see Painter.


All of these smurfs wanted to meet a sailor. Sassette Smurfling brought along Tracker Smurf to find the smurf who ate the table.


Smurf Village needs no cable.


Around here are so many turfs!


Because, here lives The Smurfs!




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