At Your Service

Hello. My name is Jewel.

You are a weenie.


Because of this very reason, I was assigned to you as your personal genie.


Like a tasty treat, once you get help from me your life will be good, satisfying, and sweet.


Come take a ride on my magic carpet.


No need to count.


Ready, set.


Rub your hands on my magic lamp.


One, two, three.


I wonder what your wishes could be.


Let’s see how I can get you out of your mess.


Make as many wishes as you would like.


This special lamp grants them and are countless.


Are you ready? Take my hand.


Some wishes from other genies have a three wish limit.


I am at your service. Your wish is my command.


I am one of the special genies. Do you understand?


It is time to take my hand.


Step onto the magic carpet. It is time for a ride.


Around the world we will glide.



While you are pondering over your thoughts, this carpet will glisten.


First, I must warn you.


Before we start, these wishes will  be granted only on one condition.


I was partially raised in the country.


It was on a glamorous farm. Your wishes must only be good.


They must not be about any type of harm.


However, this is not like a bet.


One more condition exists. I have not told you yet.


Although your wishes will be good, keep this in mind.


We special genies are limited. We cannot help all of humankind.


Sorry, pal. The time has come. These wishes stick like glue.


I am only granting your wishes because I like you.


Make them now. Do not be nervous.


After this, we will never meet, again. Again, I am your one time genie, Jewel.


And, right now I am at your service.


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