Holy Rollin’

Now let me scatter this shit into the lyrical sea.


I do not have a bone to pick with you.


But, you may have one to pick with my mommy.


I’m glad that you are not around all of the time.


But, the more shady shit that you continue to pull caused me to write this rhyme.


I hope that whenever you get done, you will not be bored.


However, I do have a question.


How in the fuck can a woman like you believe in the fucking Lord?


Too bad no one has kicked your trifling ass to the curb.


Why does it have to be you that has to be the one to disturb?


Although no one has a miniature great dane.


Every time I hear about you, I go on a horrible trip down memory lane.


Here I go. Okay.


You have to come around here sometimes.


However, I wish that your husband or someone would keep you the fuck away.


For many years I was alright. In fact, I was strollin’.


Yet, I wonder how a bitch like you is holy rollin’.


And, I wonder sometimes how you could be related to my mother.


Especially, as I remember how back in the day I survived your torture.


Let’s go back a bit.


Do you remember when you used to force me  to eat my own shit?


On this I’m not going to pass.


Because, you need to know.


I could not control my bowels.


At the time, Essay, my babysitter’s grandson kept fucking me in the ass!


Yeah. Straight dung.


Do you also remember when you stapled my lips and my tongue?


Oh, yeah.


I sure wish that someone was handy.


Let me go even further.


Do you remember when you beat me for an hour, then bought me a bag of candy?


It is amazing that people like you even have spouses.


Do you remember how you used to force me to jump off tall houses?


This is a topic that I really need to switch.


You mother fucking messy ass bitch!


So, I’m going to go ahead and keep on strollin’.


No more memory lane trips that involve others and you.


Tweedle dee.


Just please continue to stay the fuck away from me.


You and your stupid ass posse can just play that church game and keep holy rollin’.


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