Smurf Screening

Saturday April 1st, 2017, me and one of my nieces attended the movie premier of Smurfs: The Lost Village. I was totally smurfed out Saturday! I started my Smurf adventure Friday March 31st. I went to Wal-Mart to see what I could find to where that would pass as being « Smurf themed ».

There were things out there that were blue. However, when it came to the shoes, I didn’t have any luck. Absolutely no luck at all! Wal-Mart has a very poor selection of « special occasion » shoes. I had to wear Superman shoes. Damn. Anywho, I left Wal-Mart and got my things ready.

I was soooooo excited! I was so excited and prepared for the event, that I even bought Smurf panties in my size. I took my niece, because my child was scheduled to work.1490632410

Aside from that, I went over my spending budget. As a result, I went to the premiere without buying any snacks.  What is a movie without snacks? Shit!

Oh well. I promise myself that I will have snack funds next time. Some premieres have the whole shabang! When I say that, I mean that there are some premieres that people attend, where you walk in and all of the snacks and shit are totally free!

When that happens, you know that it’s the total shit! And, your day is made! Shizzle if you want to call it. Yeah. Anywho, I was so afraid that the lines were going to be so long, that I wouldn’t be able to go in.

My niece and I made it without a problem. Thank God! And, the line was very long. As we were waiting in line, there was a guy passing out paper masks.

I got so excited, because I love when the movie people pass out free items. Some pass out posters. Some pass out sunglasses and other things. Well, this dude who passed out the masks was going to pass right by me and my niece without giving us one!

I let the dude know that he passed us up. Then, he asked me, « Where is the kid? »

I truthfully told him that my niece was the child, and I wanted a mask, too! That short fucker looked at me, rolled his eyes, and went to the next little kid. Not too long after that was time to be seated.

In between standing in line, I got a chance to snap a number of photos. Some turned out pretty good. At 10:45 A.M. my niece and I were sitting down comfortably in the theater.

Ladies and gentlemen:


I might be an ass, but I got pissed off when I did not get a mask like the other kids. Why? Because, I felt like everyone should have gotten one! I thought that shit was mean!

At 10:55 A.M., the movie people took a picture of all kids in the theater, who wore their Smurf masks. To me, the highlight of the movie was when one Smurf played a little sample of the late George Michael’s song « Careless Whisper(R.I.P.) »

This Smurf movie in particular really shocked me! In fact, it was better than the first and second one put together! It totally rocked! The only thing that I felt that this movie lacked is the fact that it was not in 3-D!

I was so totally into it! From the different smurf names that matches their behavior, personality, and appearance, right down to Smurfette sacrificing herself.

This movie was excellent! The color scheme was bold, deep, and vivid. All in all, it was like I was in total Smurf land! There were some comical parts on it as well. I could not help but laugh when Table Eating Smurf danced just like everyone else, while continuing to eat on a table at the same time!

I give Smurfs: Hidden Village an A+!!!!

It is now playing in a theater near you! And, it is worth every penny to watch! Go and watch it! You can go by yourself and/or with your children/someone else’s kids!


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