After 7, Eric Benet, and Marsha Ambrosius Concert

I just had to go to this concert! Originally, four of us were supposed to go. However, one clowned and wilded out, saying that she did not want to go to a concert. So, she did not go. I really was not sure what I was going to wear to the concert, until the very day of the concert.

The good part about the concert was the day of the concert. It happened on Good Friday. The only thing that I had to purchase for the concert was just a pair of earrings and some shoes.

By the time it was time for the concert,  I had my mind made up about what I was going to wear. The world has lost way too many celebrities these past ten years. And, last year was totally surreal. This past week was, too.

We lost Charlie Murphy last week. Last year we lost Prince and tons of others. I was supposed to do my R.I.P. Prince tribute photos, but have not done that yet. As a result, I went ahead and wore my Prince Purple Rain inspired outfit to this concert.

My kid told me that it looked like I was participating in a Cosplay event!  And, my mother had nothing to say. Oh, well. It was only right to DO SOMETHING! Charlie Murphy(R.I.P.)was a friend of Prince. So, it was the right thing to do by dressing up in my Prince inspired Purple Rain outfit. Finally, my posse and I arrived at the concert thirty minutes late! Parking prices at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas increased by $5.00 from two years ago!

It now costs $15.00 to park in the general parking lot! Fuck! That is a nightmare! You talking about a parking nightmare! The three of us made it up the ramp and inside of the Verizon Theater.

We were checked by security, admitted in, and given a ticket to win something. Flyers were passed out about upcoming events like Momma’s Boy, starring Christopher Williams, Jackee Harry, and a host of others. It sounds wonderful, too!

Next, we entered the concert area and was shown where we needed to sit. After 7 already started. As expected, After 7 was wonderful. They looked great! And, I like the fact that they sang other songs this time(along with the hits).

My favorite After 7 song is « Runnin’ Out ». After After 7 performed, Eric Benet came on. Eric was excellent! He was so great that my mom told me that my grandmother said, « Ooooh, he has a voice! »

Yes, Eric Benet is truly, truly talented! Eric even mentioned in the concert that his new song « Insane » was inspired by Prince. He also sang a few of Prince’s songs, in between reminiscing about how controversial some of Prince’s songs were while Eric was a child.

Ballads in particular. Eric reminisced about how back in the day some of Prince’s songs were so racy that they could not be played on the radio. One song that cones to my mind is definitely the song « Do Me ».

Next, I could not wait until Eric sung my song. Yep! He did! He sang my favorite song « Love of My Own ». However, his set would have been complete if he sang his song « Femininity ».

« Femininity » has a combination of R&B and rock n’ roll. It is sensual, funky, has a « fiya » guitar lick! Yaaaaaaaaaaaas! Yeah, « Femininity » was not performed this past Good Friday night. My family was super impressed with Eric Benet’s performance. Eventhough he is not Prince, he did a great job singing the few Prince songs that he did! He did a great job this night! Me and my crew were really, really, really, really, really impressed with Eric Benet’s performance!

I don’t know why, but he pronounced Marsha Ambrosius’s last name « Ambrosia ». And, he wasn’t the only one who pronounced her last name this way!

Next, Eric sang his famous duo hit « Spend My Life With You ». However, Tamia was not there to do the duet with him. It was a different lady. She did pretty good. After his performance, autographs and photos were offered during intermission.

I did not go, because I did not want to risk someone else taking my seat while getting photos and stuff. We were allowed to move down some rows and I sure was not willing to lose my good seat! Last but not least, another highlight of the night was Marsha Ambrosius! She is so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so talented!

I loved the fact that her d.j. introduced her to the audience before she approached the stage. As she approached the stage, it was a pleasant surprise to hear the introduction song.

I felt like I was in Scotland, minus the bagpipes! It was so cool! Not only was it cool that Marsha played the keyboards, she also performed with a d.j., who spun the records!

This concert was total badasssssssss! YaAaaaaaaaAaaaasssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,IMG_20170415_015902_396IMG_20170415_015902_396

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