3 Idiotas Premiere

IMG_20170601_083246Last night I went to the 3 Idiotas premiere. 3 Idiotas features Martha Higareda, Alfonso Dosal, Christian  Vazquez, German Valdes, Vadhir  Derbez, and Sebastian Zurita.

To me, the beginning of the movie sermed like it was going nowhere. Then, it starts getting interesting when one of the friends take a trip down memory lane concerning their school days.

One of the friends in the ragtag group of six members(Mariana, Pancho, Felipe, Beto, Isidoro, and Emiliano) seems to disappear out of thin air, which starts the reminiscing and backtracking of this group’s adventure in school. And, how Pancho(Alfonso Dosal: one of the friends)came up missing, and what led to his disappearance.

This movie was full of pleasant surprises! From the crusty and uptight professor, right down to the very witty and seemingly clueless, yet smooth and creative Pancho.

This movie is one of the best movies of 2017, guaranteed! I will not ruin this review by telling you about everything that happened in this movie. However, I will tell you that not only is the very end of this movie shockingly groovy, some elements of this movie are true! So, hurry and watch this Pandora’s  chest movie of greatness tomorrow, Friday June 2nd, 2017, in a theater near you!







Martha Higareda: Mariana

Alfonso Dosal: Pancho

Christian Vazquez: Felipe

Grrman Valdes: Beto

Vadhir Derbez: Isidoro

Sebastian Zurita: Emiliano

Paulina Davila: Diana

Enrique Singer: Don Diego

Rodrigo Murray: Escalona

Julia Belchor: Entrevistador 1

Mauricio Isaac: Entrevistador 2

Claudia Lizaldi: Maestra Molina

Andrea Ortega Lee:  El Primo





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