Cece Peniston and Taylor Dayne Concert: June 2nd, 2017

June 2nd is Author Virginia Johnson Lee’s birthday. What was she going to do for her birthday this year? She did not know. However, she was about to find out the week before June 2nd! And, she did not know that her birthday gift was a paid concert to see the great Cece Peniston! : a great singer, who Author Virginia Johnson Lee beat me to the punch in buying Cece’s first CD, containing the hit smash « Finally ». Yeah!

Friday June 2nd, 2017, seemed really fucked up! Me and my fellow author most most of the day driving and running errands. There were way too many people on the road driving crazy and gawking at other vehicles, causing slow traffic on major highways.

To make matters worse, we had freaky horrible rain that lasted throughout the day. I mean pathetic! In fact, due to everything that was going on, we were not sure that we were going to make it to the concert on time! Thank God we did!

And, finally! We finally made it to the concert location! The concert was held at the Station 4 club in Dallas, Texas. The concert and entire event benefitted GDMAF, Inc. That is the Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund: A non-profit 501(c)(3)organization.

The dance floor itself had a lovely disco ball in the ceiling and there was even a cool looking bus there giving out free AIDS tests(I think). The whole thing was cool! There was even a wonderful auction as well!

In addition, the entire event was called Metro Ball 12: it was awesome! The concert opener was a guy named David Hernandez. I never heard of him. However, one of the songs that he performed of his own I did recognize from the radio.

After his performance, Cece Peniston came onto the stage. For some reason, my new phone would not take clear photos like it was supposed to. I even ran out of storage space!

What a shitty time for this to happen to my phone! Anyway, Cece Peniston totally slayed in her dazzling alien catsuit with bling!

She slayed right down to her performance! She was totally kick ass with awesomeness! Her catsuit had bling going down the sides of both of her arms of her catsuit. I mean wow! And, her hair was totally laid! I mean « done did »!

Furthermore, all of her songs were on point. However, I was really disappointed that she did not perform the song « Inside that I Cried ». Damn! Author Virginia Johnson Lee got down! Cece Peniston is who she wanted to see and it was so worth seeing Cece. Totally priceless to see the joy and fun my fellow author was having.

Although the crowd in Dallas was not that lively, a lot of us were there to see Cece Peniston and Taylor Dayne. Taylor Dayne performed after Cece did. Whoa!

Taylor is a powerhouse! She was great! However, I was deeply disappointed because Taylor Dayne did not sing my favorite song from her!

I came to hear and see Taylor sing my one and only favorite song from her: « I’ll Always Love You ». Damn, damn, damn, and damn, again!IMG_20170603_132457_345IMG_20170603_132457_345


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