My Cousin Rachel Movie Premiere

IMG_20170605_222004_891Do you like to solve puzzles? Do you like to put things together? Do you like to solve problems? What about mysteries? Do you like playing mystery games, solving mysteries, watching mystery films, and/or reading mystery books?

Do you like the mystery theater? If so, how about mystery classics? Have you heard of Agatha Christie? What about Alfred Hitchcock?

Boy was I in for a real treat when I watched My Cousin Rachel! My Cousin Rachel first debuted as a novel written by Daphne du Maurier in 1951.






Sam Claflin(Philip)

Rachel Weisz(Rachel Ashley)

Iain Glen(Nick Kendall)

Holliday Grainger(Louise Kendall)

Poppy Lee Friar(Mary Pascoe)

Andrew Knott(Joshua)

Andrew Havill(Parson Pascoe)

Vicki Pepperdine(Mrs. Pascoe)

Katherine Pearce(Belinda Pascoe)

Louis Suc(Philip 12 yrs.)

Harrie Hayes(Tess)

Attila G. Kerekes(Villager)

Austin Taylor(Philip 9yrs.)

Tristram Davies(Wellington)

Stuart Dairdson(Farmer)



The setting for the time period in this film was back in the days, when people married their cousins in tons of countries in the world(including the U.S.A.).

Because this movie was so intriguing, I totally forgot about old family traditions that were practiced way back when, because it looks like Rachel(Rachel Weisz)is guilty of murdering Philip’s cousin throughout the entire film!

I still scratched my head throughout the entire film! Even after I thought I figured out who killed Philip’s cousin, mystery still remained, leaving room for a sequel!

Not only did this film remind me of an Agatha Christie movie, it was so gooooooooood. So glad that it reminded me of the game Clue: who killed Mr. Bodie?!!!

My Cousin Rachel is now playing in a theater near you!!!!!!




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