The Book of Henry Review


This past Tuesday I attended the premiere of The Book of Henry. It was a relief to see that the line to see this film was not overly long.Procedures there were a little strict at this screening, for the simple fact that everyone had to get rid of their cell phones, period, before entering into the theater room! Next, everyone entered and sat down.
I made sure not to sit down beside anyone who was a chatterbox while standing in line, before entering the theater itself. Lately it has been so fucking irritating to hear a bunch of senseless chatter while standing in line before watching a movie. Hell, I don’t mind it while watching the movie. Sometimes it just seems like others want you to hear their conversations so that you can chime in and participate in their conversations.
Anyway, The Book of Henry was a dramatic shock throughout the entire film to me. First off, Henry’s mother(played by Naomi Watts)seems like the coolest mother in the world. Except, she is really immature concerning handling her own financial affairs. Although Susan Carpenter(Henry’s mother)has a penny anny job that she seems content with,she manages to get by and continues to be able to provide for both of her sons.
There is an interesting hero in this movie. The hero in this movie is sort of a « champion of sorts ». The « hero » and « champion » of this film is surprisingly none other than Henry himself(Jaden Lieberher), a little more than a pint sized kid! This tiny « man child » is an incredulous genius! I will not ruin this movie by telling you about this genius and what makes him a genius.
However, I will tell you that this little genius is a hero to his little brother and a champion for his courageous bold behavior to fearlessly challenge authority on different levels, by confronting professionals in their misdeeds in handling situations.
Such situations in modern day society can affect other individuals in situations that can result in horrible outcomes. Unfortunately, there is a tear jerker part in this film. And, it shocked the shit out of me. Although Henry seems like the tiny « Mr. Fix It » for everyone, it seems like he gets in a situation that he may not be able to fix.
Or, can he? Furthermore, he has this red book that seems to have all of the answers to a plan that involves savings his best friend Christina(Maddie Ziegler). Christina is Henry’s neighbor. And, she has her own dilemma. The Book of Henry is a fantastic story and is so worth seeing! It is now playing in a theater near you!

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